Paslode Cleaning Guide & Schematics

Below is a list of schematics for Paslode Nail Guns in which parts can still be purchased. To open a schematic, simply click on the model name of the nail gun and the schematic will open in a new window. 


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Paslode Cleaning Guide

Regular Maintenance:

Paslode Nail Guns are built to the highest standards, designed to withstand the toughest working conditions, however ensuring efficient running, cleaning and regular maintenance is essential!

Paslode recommend that you clean and oil you nail gun every 50,000 shots, or more frequently if it is being used for extended periods of time or in a dirty environment. This step-by-step guide will ensure your nail gun is performing at its best!  

Tools Required:

 Paslode Cleaning Kit
              Consisting of:
              Impulse Cleaner
              Impulse Lubricating Oil
              Lint-Free Cloth
 9/64" / 5/32" Allen Key (Depending on Tool)
 Flat Blade Screw Driver
 Empty Container (To Collect Used Degreaser)
 Solvent Resistant Gloves & PPE Equipment
 Service Parts Kit (Optional)



The video below is a step-by-step guide on how clean your Paslode, created by the manufactures themselves...  

The video guide is for a Paslode Framing Nailer, the concept is the same for cleaning a Finish Nailer too!

The guide below has step-by-step instructions on how to clean a Paslode Finish Nailer

1. Let the tool cool down
        1A. Remove the Battery
        1B. Remove the Nails from the magazine 
        1C. Remove the Fuel Cell
2. Un-clip the Filter cover Grill
3. Clean the Filter using the Paslode Impulse Cleaner


4. Loosen the 4 allen screws from the Cap
5. Remove the Cap from the tool
6. Unplug the Spark Plug Wire

7. Unplug the Fan Motor Wire
8. Turn the Cylinder Head 15 degrees anti-clockwise
9. Remove the Cylinder Head from the tool


10. Use the Paslode Impulse clean the Cylinder Head and Fan Blade
11. Use a Lint-Free Cloth to remove any excess cleaner
12. Use a Flat Head Screw Driver to push down the Driver Piston

13. Holding the tool facing down, spray the Paslode Impulse Cleaner into the Combustion Chamber
14. Use a Lint-Free Cloth to remove any excess cleaner
15. Squirt 4-5 Drops of Paslode Lubricating Oil into the Combustion Chamber 

16. Spread the Oil around the Combustion Chamber
17. Using the Allen Key push the Tip of the Piston Driver Blade back into the Combustion Chamber
18. Using the Paslode Lubricating Oil, Oil the Rubber / Metal Seal Rings around the Motor Cylinder Head

19. Re-install the Cylinder Head back into the tool
20. Turn the Cylinder Head 15 degrees clockwise
21. Plug the Fan Motor Wire back into the Motor Assembly

22. Plug the Spark Plug Wire back into the Spark Plug
23. Place the Cap back onto the tool
24. Tighten the 4 allen screws on the Cap

25. Place the Filter back onto the Grill
26.  Clip the Grill back onto the Cap, securing the Filter, then close the Fuel Cover Door

Key Points:

 Before cleaning and servicing, let the tool cool down, remove the battery and fuel cell too,

 Use only official Paslode Lubricating Oil - It's designed to withstand high temperatures, reduce combustion residue and condition rubber seals and o-rings,

 Use only official Paslode cleaner - It's deigned not to damage the nailer's electrical, metal, plastic and rubber parts,

 Clean the Paslode using a lint-free cloth - This prevents any debris being left inside of the tool, and avoids damaging the inside of the nail gun,

 Tighten all screws when reassembling - This ensures the tool is correctly put back together, resulting in no damage to the tool or user,

 Test the tool - Make sure the tool is functioning correctly (don't worry if a small amount of smoke comes out, this is normal).

 Use only genuine Paslode Parts - This ensures no damage is caused to the tool or the user (We only sell genuine parts!)